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Review Me before you pdf free download mobi Jojo Moyes (spoilers alert)

As promised, and on Monday night (well night xD) I finished this wonderful work of art.

I wanted to upload this yesterday, but I had to do a problem for class and I took more time than expected ( all the fucking afternoon, thanks to problems of random variables, I also want to 😉 )

And surely not today what I will end up with and I’ll do it another day, but nothing happens.

Peeeero never in a million years I would forget to comment on Me before you pdf free download mobi.

For a start, if you haven’t read it, I force myself to read it ALREADY!

As I told my story with Me before you pdf free download mobi and the truth, makes me a lot of excitement to be able to share my opinion so that much of vosotr@s os decide to read it.

Me before you book pdf online 

The truth, I was a bit like this before you start, because as I said, just thinking to return to see the wonderful Sam Claflin in the big screen… well, I came a little above the truth and between that and the good reviews I found about Me before you pdf pdf download pdf online, the truth is that you could say that I caught it with enough enthusiasm. Not in other countries as it will be, but here in Spain Me before you pdf pdf download pdf online is available in both version in normal size as in pocket-size, cheaper this last obviously.

I have to admit that although I love the original, I bought the pocket edition ( which cover more ugly by dior xD) because well, the economy is not to throw rockets and next week begins the fair of Me before you book pdf pdf download pdf online and didn’t want to spend a lot of money to be able to take advantage and go crazy later.

The truth, I don’t know the steps there are from the bus from my house, nor do I know if my job I will like with the passion with which Lou performs its work, but what if I know, that Me before you book pdf free ebook is one that becomes your favorite without even having read more than 10 pages.

Me before you book pdf free ebook begins recounting the idyllic life of Will prior to his accident and tells as it happens the same.

The truth, I find it quite ironic that he himself decide to leave the bike for if you have an accident and on that day we see this happening to him.

Me before you book pdf free ebook tells us about Lou as the typical “cateta” of people, who have no interest in too many things and that you have his simple life, without too many complications.

For a start, it seems to me that the family of Lou is pretty unfair with regard to the need to be Lou who bring the money home, but now I explain better this.

When Lou learns of his dismissal is a little paralyzed, because it had never been raised to do later. It’s like a shock, which forces him to open the eyes and decide that you want to do with your life. As recounted by the author, Lou is a character quite unhappy with his life. It is simple, if you can, but because you have done so. Has always lived under the shadow of its “little brain” of a sister.

All the considered bottom until it is forced to leave his education and work. In contrast, her sister, if that continues with their studies and reaching out to the university.

The father of Lou live simply, tells us that he also lives with his grandfather by the recent stroke he gave, and as it can not fend for if you only live with them.

If it was a mother taking care of her grandfather, a father with a very light hanging, and a sister, “capricious”, which is the only one that has been able to get to the university, the sister becomes pregnant of nosequién and the family has to take care of both her and the child.

 Let’s see, part of all of this, as the sister has the child, poor Lou gets to sleep in the attic, in a space that barely fits.

So, you have a girl with no aspirations, who has worked all his life in the same cafe ( which he loves, but because it has never known other things), has to bear a considerable part of the weight family, and that he deals constantly with your boyfriend, OBSESSED with the damn sport, and especially with the careers. I have a life as well and I hit a shot.

It is assumed that living in a small village in London where the only thing “interesting” is the castle, which attracts tourists. The coffee is close to that castle, but the owner, for personal reasons, close the coffee and has to dismiss.

When you realize that the have dismissed it as a hack for the whole family because a large part of the income has withered away. Lou is FORCED to join a labor exchange to find a job as soon as possible because everyone expects it of her.

But let’s see, for the love of God, poor girl!!! Just lost everything you liked and above all pressing to find something and do something with your life. That that had been a week locked up in her house dying, nothing has happened.

After several disastrous attempts, Lou finally found the ad need a caregiver that has given the mother of Will.

To talk of Will is to start to hyperventilate, because, of course, you know that has had an accident, but still don’t know in that situation is. In the ad only indicates a quadriplegic… but of course, there are many types that affect different things.

Lou is not convinced, but no, the selfish of your family, instead of thinking about it, just think of the money and the force, if force you to go to the interview.

The mother pulls out an old suit of yours to go more formal and is sent to the huge mansion for the interview with the lady of the house.

Me before you free ebook pdf download

I am realizing that I roll up more than the blinds, I have been two days writing and I have not finish hahaha

In the end, we continue to

I’m not going to continue with such attention to detail because then I will lack leeros Me before you book pdf download and that’s NOT!

Just summarize, that the interview was not at all perfect ( big fan of time skirt broken leg sexy outdoor hahahaha)

But in the end the mother decides to give him the job because he thinks that you can help your child, “encourage him”, which is not so depressed.

Lou was already in his house, says his family is not very secure if you accept the job, BUT LIKE NOOOOOOOO, your puñetera family intervening and making her feel stupid and useless to take the job. The work, in the beginning it is only for 6 months, so that all will say that for 6 months you can’t complain much.

To part, his sister speaks to him to eat the head and tell him you want to go back to school and that is going to leave his job ( shit, by the way) and you need that help more to their parents for her to be able to be fulfilled and study. Pussy, don’t get pregnant on your first powder, you save your account as you can and if you get a grant or help you study, but with this situation do not pretend to load your sister with all the responsibility, because the truth is, it is not fair.

Lou, as a good girl mansa, decides to capitulate with their feelings and the next day is presented in his new job.

To see, once the non-poor (for the fuck of his family), I will say that the part of Will, Lou and the caregiver does not have waste.

That is to say, it establishes a relationship between them bestial friendship that is precious.

The only negative criticism I have found about Me before you epub download, is because of its subject more “controversy”. Me before you epub download is about engaging the issue of euthanasia in a way that is not so hard.

The job turns out to be 6 months because it is the deadline that has since Will to your life. He said to his mother that he would endure 6 months more, but then I would like to go to a clinic in Switzerland in order to die in peace. Then we discovered that Lou was hired to try to change the opinion of this stubborn.

The truth, I understand that it is not an easy topic, but we should try to talk about euthanasia without so much fear. If I think it should be legal, because to me it is not a murder.

I think that it is of vital importance to let the patient decide, because often (as in this case), although not die, they feel as burden to others, so useless, so useless to this society that they can’t take it anymore and simply prefer not to be.

I find it very sad that a person who is suffering more than enjoying this life, you do not have the ability to decide that you want to do.

I do not pretend to be a talk endless about this topic, only I intend to “open” the eyes to many people who do not understand, because if you want to there are people that it poses.

Because the sad reality is that, that is until things do not happen to you or someone in your circle, and we don’t propose many things.

Following with Me before you epub read online, that this in favour of this process, it does not mean that my vein romantic not expected that she will make change your mind and be happy forever ( we all thought that it would be so xD), but the truth is, in the own Me before you epub read online give you arguments more than necessary to justify the decision of Will.

In the own sipnosis of Me before you epub read online, blemish to Me before you read online as a love story or something like that, but the truth is, it is not a story pastelosa for nothing hahahaha

If, we note that among them there is chemistry and that you want to. If, it is denoted in any chapter, but the scenes with more physical contact are when they kiss or when she climbs up to her chair.

OH! CARE, that I’m dying for both pink in color. The story between Lou and Will is taan tragic not… but at the same time so realistic that I strip the head.


Me before you read online this great book

When Lou learns at the hands of the mother and the sister of the plans Will, his only goal in life is to plan out all the possible activities so that Will be able to enjoy life and not just see the negative side of things, as it was until now.

To be able to suit your situation, looking at books and gets to go to the library to use the computers, and get involved in forums on patients equal to Will and to ask for advice, ideas, etc

The truth, the first plans did not come out very well, but as it grows your relationship of complicity and are making more friends/confidants, Will change the chip and go wanting to go out more from home.

When Will decides to go to the wedding of his ex-girlfriend with her ex-friend, is so amazing, that I think my face was similar to the expression of Lou when it asks if you have a dress to go hahahaha.

This wedding is motivates the approach almost end between them, when they realize that together they make a nice couple and that they want to their own way. She, drunk lost, it climbs into your chair to dance while he smells her neck which stalker scary, but still, those pages are indescribable.

Once past the wedding, many things happen, too many things, in such a short period of time.

But we come to the final journey, the final journey on the beach where it appears THAT KISS!

That kiss just as expected since we know, and how much it costs to get there. She pulls out all the feelings, you were naked inside.

And he says no.

And the reaction ( at least mine):

By god, on the one hand I cried for your situation, but you and Lou. AND POOR LOU :'(

She has finally discovered that he wants in his life, thanks to Will discovered that he likes things better, who want to study, who want to do something with his life, to travel, to be happy.

But she wanted all that with him. With him at your side or with him waiting at home. But when he says it is not as ale, fuck you.

The truth, the last chapters or the last leaves are read such that well, because we will, after a perlite other and all together and all make you cry and I wanted to die too jajajajajaj

Will asks you if you really love him, to accompany him to Switzerland, but let’s be honest… I would not want to say goodbye to my “boyfriend” knowing that he is going to die. It is hard and I understand that Lou choose not to do so in a first moment.

Oh, I also have to criticize a little of the family Will, if not I am not happy. Hatred unconditionally to the father. Fucking greedy shit. Just want to end your life to be able to be “free” and go with the beloved… and so on. In that moment I wanted to stamp the laptop.

Pussy your child is unhappy, want to die, can not do anything by itself, and you only want to go to be with your girlfriend of the little hand… come to :


Me before you mobi epub

I ended up reading it on the one and a half ( and yes, I get up at 6, live the no sleep on my part).

But I swear that I fell asleep as I cried. I had enough to cry alone so much since I read Sing me to sleep. A few sobs myself… -.-‘

Because if, as you must have perceived, Will in the end dies and she goes to visit him and say goodbye and it’s so cuqui there tumbaditos counting things, looking..

I don’t think I forgot anything, but if you do not already modify 🙂

Pd: in the end, Will gives you money so you can study quietly without stress, travel and live for him. The truth is that the epilogue is she in paris, reading a letter he left.

In conclusion: I LOVED Lou and Will, I love the relationship of friendship with your nurse, I love that the asshole of the ex-boyfriend disappears, I love the moments forum on the internet, I love each and every plan qualified or nonqualified created to please Will, I love the relationship of friendship that develops into something bigger, I love the determination of Will to not live for anything worthy in your point of view.

Will was an adventurer, an active person 100%. Drowning in that chair, choking at the thought of the pain, infections, and others that have to suffer daily, drowns at the thought of the tingles in members who can’t even use.

Seriously, a score of 10, may not have surprised you Me before you read online

And a bit of research TIRIRIRIRIR, there will be second part, and the top debuts this year:

It is not cool and I have already noted in my calendar. I hope that day with tremendous craves because I need to, of vital importance, to know more things.

I’m soo happy that there is second part that does not like to express it and this time if I will be reading from the beginning.

And if that weren’t enough, already have leaked the first photos of the protas recording the movie (love to infinity).

Although I should give the reason to many fans, and Will do what I imagined it exactly like this, but Sam, by god, he nailed the role whatever it is. Watch Love, Rosie was a pleasant surprise, thought it would not work but it is not so bad.

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