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The world of publishing, that connects authors, publishers and readers, is subdued in a great measure, at present, the literature of gender, either the police, the historical, the fantastic, or the romantic, not to speak of the phenomena literary juvenile type Harry Potter or the Twilight saga, to which we may add the sagas Game of Thrones or The hunger games, which are breaking record sales the length and breadth of the planet.

Fifty shades of grey read book pdf online 

Well, it seems that now the shelves and the shelves of the bookstores have to make room for another literary genre, the erotic, it seems that can be converted into another machine to make money with paper writing. And the work that has opened the veda is none other than Fifty shades of Grey pdf epub free download pdf download mobi, E. L. James, the first installment of a trilogy that editorial Grijalbo has been on sale in Spain between the months of June and July of this same year. Three novels by the din media that its publication has generated and by the lists of best-selling books, it seems that it’s going to be one of the phenomena literary of the year, at least in Spain.

The argument could be described as a modern and urban tale of fairies, although in the case of this trilogy, the prince has been replaced by an attractive and shady millionaire american, and cinderella is embodied by a young newly entitled to that chance (not luck) will open the doors of adulthood and of sexual pleasure.

Fifty shades of Grey pdf epub free download pdf download mobi, it is narrated in the first person by Anastasia Steele, a student of English literature. As a favor to Kate, her best friend, roommate and editor of the journal of the faculty, access to interview Christian Grey, one of the richest men in the united States, a young handsome and successful who directs one of the holdings most powerful business in the country and is the main patron of the University.

The meeting between the two and the attraction resulting from the interview will make that Grey is captivated by the sensuality, freshness and the character of Anastasia, and start a sentimental relationship between them. The innocent world and later she starred in Anastasia will break when you discover that Christian hides a dark face and somber, some sexual inclinations, dominated by sadism and submission. Flock will attempt to introduce you to Anastasia in your sexual and affective, while she will try to find out the reason of the tastes, and the way of being Christian. A descent into hell in which sex is “hard”, the punishment and the lack of affection will be the protagonists.

Fifty shades of Grey pdf epub free download pdf download, as I said, could be considered an update, “sui generis” of a classic fairy tale. Something like a fable urban in the development of some of its seedier element. But don’t be afraid… The novel, and the trilogy, by extension, if you follow the path marked by the first delivery, is addressed to a wide audience. No other has been considered a novel for housewives, for those women who seek strong emotions make them get out of the monotony of the daily routine. And the novel gets, in addition to narrating some of the scenes they have shot, without a doubt, the libido of him or her to read it. I tell you…

  1. L. James, has been cooked, if you allow me to use this metaphor, a novel that includes some of the elements of fables and love-always: the prince wonderful and attractive that he fell in love with the young, helpful and innocent, and usually with few resources, which provides the opportunity to live a dream life. While James offers us a world that is more that tale, nightmare, in terms of affectivity and sexuality of their protagonists. The image of the attractive and fortunate prince, we resquebrajará very soon when we know, at the same time as Anastasia, the sexual tendencies of Grey, dominated by sadism, submission and violence (controlled, of course), and his inability to maintain a relationship “normal” with the girl that you want. All of this power with the innocence and sexual doubts of Anastasia, that has not kept even a loving relationship with any guy, what makes more extreme the difference between the two.

Fifty shades of grey pdf free download

The author, E. L. James.

The plot of the novel will focus, therefore, on the relationship they establish both, that will be narrated in the first person and in present tense, from the point of view of Anastasia. Their fears of being dragged into the world bleak and violent Flock, to these fifty shades to that referred to in the title, and his reaction to the desires and sexual needs of Christian. A fear that is opposed, however, to the passion and the attraction felt Anastasia by him. A crossroads sentimental and, since then, sexual to the that Anastasia will have to decide: the dark world and submissive of Grey or the daily routine of his life before meeting him.

The novel, as could not be otherwise because of its subject, is full not only of the reflections and doubts of Anastasia, but also of sex scenes “hard”, and domination, while described from the order and the composure that a best-seller requires. Not going to think that Fifty shades of Grey pdf epub free download free ebook is a novel that is pornographic, nor much less, but I can assure you that your heartbeat and your blood pressure will be altered with the reading of the book, thanks to the imaginative ability (or so I hope!!) and descriptive of James. Although, something to note is the brevity of most of the scenes “more risqué” of the novel, something that for me, personally, I was surprised.

Another of the interesting elements of the novel is the character of a perfectionist, obsessive, and driver that the author grants to Christian Grey, one of the elements, which, by the way, the more irritated and will annoy Anastasia, but at the same time will allow some of the dialogues and reflections the most interesting part of the novel, something that, yes, that does his best James, to the point that at some point can become somewhat repetitive as are the constant doubts that we all have in relationship to those problems that concern us daily. Something also worthy of note are the “characters internal” that help Anastasia to make their most difficult decisions. A success…

Fifty shades of Grey read online epub download free ebook is a novel of few characters, the two main Christian and Anastasia, and a few more of the side, and as I say, focuses heavily on the relationship that kept both, both live and remotely, through all the gossip “control” with that Grey gave to his girlfriend-submissive. They are interesting discussions that both maintain through e-mail, and we show how the new technologies also permeate the literature written in the paper.

But in the end, Fifty shades of Grey read online book online download free ebook is nothing more than a spur, a proposal daring and erotic (not pornographic, at least to my taste) to a broad audience (housewives and non-housewives) that allow us to stimulate both the heated, and why not, sexy nights of summers, in which the visual excitation and the imagination more calenturienta invade our senses, stimuli these are transmitted to our brain and force us to think, to imagine and why not, to do “things” that we are not used to do. And why not, to read Fifty shades of Grey read online book online download pdf online.

Fifty shades of grey free ebook pdf online

The readers have to say about the success of the erotic novel ‘ Fifty shades of Grey read online book online book pdf pdf online’

Has already sold more than 40 million copies, has broken taboos and a large part of the readers reveal that they have been encouraged to explore that world ‘bondage’, bondage and submission after reading it. ‘ Fifty shades of Grey read online book online book pdf pdf online’ has been razed and has become a social phenomenon. So much so, that not only libraries, but also the ‘sex shops’ applaud its author, the british Erika Leonard, better known as E. L. James. The readers (and any readers) of THE NEWSPAPER have varied opinions: for and against, some fun and other amazing. And is that Christian Grey wakes up passions…. for and against.


Between the readers, the opinions are polarised. Or have been trapped from the first few pages or, on the contrary, no explanation found so much of a stir. Some reviews are short and concise, others are so extensive as devastating. Here are some examples:

“It is one of the novels worst written I have ever read in my life. The characterization of the characters has no logical plot, and the story is very vague. I think that the success that is reaping is mainly due to that it portrays, very rough way, the fantasy of the majority of women in our society. I am not referring to sexual fantasies or erotic, which no doubt away from the common, but to the fantasy of an ideal man: a male elusive, seductive, appealing, and appealing, which perfectly handles the situation but that changes for love. The women, both middle-aged as teens, they identify with a protagonist, goofy, shy, insecure but whose charm (I still can’t understand what it is) manages to transform the man as distant and impenetrable. Without a doubt, something like this had to become a mass phenomenon but personally I think that it is trash literature. And if you are the erotic scenes that has made go crazy millions of females, I recommend reading real gems such as `Lolita'”. (Elisabet Juan Roca / Badalona)

“I have read the trilogy as a whole and the truth is that I liked a lot. What is the secret of your success? Talk without taboos of a sexual practice, unknown to most, the explosive mixture of wild sex and tenderness, and above all a happy ending. I don’t think that is porn for moms, it is just something that is not used to write nor to read.” ( Mª José González Trillo / Vic)

“At the minute one you get hooked, you can’t stop reading. Since I’m going for the second… I loved…” (María Cano / Sant Vicenç dels Horts)

“It is a bad novel. In the form it is predictable, boring and poorly structured. In the background is macho, calm, silly, is the I want to and I cannot of the mode of being snooty. I got bored as an oyster”. (Angela, Married Gutierrez / Barcelona)

Fifty shades of grey book pdf epub and mobi

“The first book is not worth anything, but it certainly is the best marketing I have ever seen”. (Mª Carmen Mendez / Terrassa)

“It is, simply, a comforter to mojigatas of the beginning of the XXI century”. (Ruth E. / Barcelona)


“In my opinion, this book seriously undermines marriages today”. (Alberto Lozano / Barcelona)

“I think that the novel is very repetitive in terms of dialogues and situations. With half the pages would have been enough. Or is it a novel of sex, or is a novel that wants to denounce the oppression masochist who suffer some women, but the protagonist does more silly how silly– will saving all of the rules he wants to impose a contract and it will be humanizing, until it gives way and then comes out the beast that carries hidden. As a reader, not as a man, I would give it a score of 6 out of 10″. (Carlos Gil / Barcelona)

‘ Fifty shades of Grey book online book pdf’ or the triumph of the mediocre. I started to read the first book and I had to drop out due to lack of interest. I don’t understand how you can elevate to `best-seller how a work of such low literary quality. To read something so mediocre would have to go back to Marcial Lafuente. What is intended to be a deepening in the unconscious of the human being is nothing more than a vulgar set of topics, poorly written and, as it could not be less, choose starring a few young people who do not awaken the slightest interest. The work illustrates for us in the mediocrity of today’s society, able to bring the trashy gossip tv also to the literature”. (Jordi Ruiz Peñas / Badalona)

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