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Review: Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban pdf epub – J. K. Rowling

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Title: Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban pdf read online epub

Original title: Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban pdf read online epub free download

Author: J. K Rowling

Series: Harry Potter #3

Pages: 360

Publisher: Salamander

Year of publication : 2000

Genre: Fantasy


For the scar on the face, we know that Harry Potter is not a child like the others, but the hero who defeated Lord Voldemort, the most feared and evil wizard of all time and guilty of the death of Harry’s parents. Since then, Harry has no choice but to live with their heavy-uncles, and his unbearable cousin Dudley, all of them muggles, that is, people do not magas, who despise his nephew due to his powers. This is already the third year at Hogwarts and as always, in addition to the examinations, and to parties, Harry Potter must confront its terrible enemy.

Personal opinion: (contains spoilers)

This third installment is one of my favorites of the entire saga (although you know that it costs quite choose). Appear for the first time characters that I adore, the characters are somewhat older, and Harry, finally, have someone at your side apart from your friends.

harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban book pdf online

This is the third year that Harry, Ron and Hermione go to Hogwarts. This year it is bathed in fear, uncertainty, and dementors, all because the insane Sirius Black, who in his time helped to Voldemort has escaped from Azkaban, and the whole world of magi is in danger. Especially it is believed that this man wants to find and kill Harry. He is infuriated when he discovers the real story: he was his godfather, his parents loved him and trusted him above all. And he betrayed.

I adore Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban pdf read online pdf online free download for many small details though, especially for the new characters that appear. I love that Hermione attends one million three hundred thousand subjects, and try to take it forward all because it combines perfectly with your personality. I love that thanks to the giratiempo that used to go to all the classes, Harry and Hermione to save Sirius and Buckbeak. I ADORE REMUS. I ADORE SIRIUS. (And, how not, hate to Pettigrew). From my point of view, both Lupin as Black characters are very complete and give a different vision to the books, talking about the parents of Harry and treating him like a nephew.

The scenes, the descriptions, the dialogues and everything that happens, ultimately, is ink-stained from the pen and the imagination of Rowling, more than magic both. Simply this woman knows how to recreate a world to the full, to introduce us to him and make us to be of good grade.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban pdf read online pdf online free download has taught me that always, always, by very only that you believe, there are people that think in you and wants you. You have to be brave and fight for what we believe and what we want and that appearances can be deceiving. Especially now I know what should I do if I encounter a rat that is missing a finger…! hahaha

Read the books for the second time is allowing me to remember many details that do not appear in the movies or that they are different and that I had forgotten, is allowing me to get into this world in a more adult and seeing things from a different perspective. Although I already know the history of memory and I know what will happen, read it again really is like doing it for the first time (I think always will) because you always notice new details, or we look at things different from that we look the previous time.


As in the first two parts of the series —The philosopher’s stone and The chamber of secrets— Harry waits impatiently for the start of the third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and wizardry. After having served thirteen years old, alone and away from his friends from Hogwarts, Harry will fight with her man aunt Marge, which becomes a balloon, and you must flee in a magic bus. Meanwhile, the prison of Azkaban has escaped a terrible villain, Sirius Black, a serial killer with magical powers who was an accomplice of lord Voldemort and that seems to be willing to remove Harry from the map. And if this were not enough, Harry must also face terrible monsters, the dementors, beings with abominable able to rob them of the happiness of the wise men and to erase any memory beautiful of those who dared to look at them. What none of these evil characters know is that Harry, with the help of his faithful friends Ron and Hermione, is capable of everything and a lot more.

harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban pdf epub read online

Personal opinion:

Hello readers <3

As you can see, I keep reading the saga of Harry, this time I bring you the review of the third book of this great saga written by the genius J. K. Rowling.

In this book Harry turns thirteen years, is about to start his third year at the school Hogwarts of witchcraft and wizardry but has many problems with her aunt and uncle, the Dursley, who treat you bad. Due to a discussion with the family, Harry decides to escape from Privet Drive a few weeks before the start of the course in the college. It is here where many will be worried about Harry as the prisoner, Sirius Black, has escaped from Azkaban.

Harry you know absolutely nothing of this man but he knows that he has a lot to do with him and that you have to watch your back.

We will return to Hogwarts, where Harry, Ron and Hermione will be making mischief as in the previous books… I have to say that Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban book online read online pdf online free ebook has less action than the others, and the more you learn about the plot of the Harry-Voldemort we delve deeper into the world of mages knowing more spells, and new teachers.

The new professor of Defense against the dark arts I have been delighted, professor Lupin is the teacher that I think all of us would like to have… friendly, intelligent and very good person.

Harry of course will continue dealing with the dangers you may have if Sirius Black is coming to Hogwarts, with Draco Malfoy as always it is a great nuisance, With the dementors -strange creatures about that are worth reading – and also with professor Snape… more or less I remember your story of the movies, but until now has done no more than fall super evil… it is a man unbearable.

Not I’d like to unveil a lot of plot, but in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban book online book pdf download free ebook we will know more the day-to-day of the college… are more present in some classes and not all the time, this trio (Harry, Ron and Hermione) will be in danger.

harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban pdf download

The three I also have really enjoyed in the novel. Harry what we see more and more brave, always sure to discover the truth and save his companions. Ron, the truth is that in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban book online book pdf download free ebook many things happen between them to fight too much with Hermione who has done no more than to study and study… if you read it you will see the tricks that you will use this girl as smart.

Dumbledore, as usual, in her apparitions, is the best, Hagrid also I like a lot… The new professor, Lupin, as I’ve already said I’ve loved, and Sirus… I don’t want to say my feelings for him as it could be a spoiler, but as a character it seemed to me magnificent.

I must say that even though I read about Hogwarts and these incredible characters is always a pleasure, the book has not been my favorite until now… I think he lacked a touch of mystery, action and a little more plot.

But yes, the last 50 pages are full of all of that. I loved the show. I had until the wee hours of the morning reading because the action gets very well.. the answers… the mystery… It’s an ending that I liked a lot.

May Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban book online book pdf download  not be your favorite of the 7, but the truth is that it is very necessary to continue with the saga as it teaches and you learn things that will be of much relevance for the following books, I am referring to spells such as “Expecto patronum” the Giratiempos… the map of the marauder, etc… it is always wonderful to return to Hogwarts -even as a reader – and feel mage for a while xD

As always in this saga, the master mind of Rowling is present to bring us a novel with incredible imagination and characters you encariñas at the time. I’m eager to read “The goblet of fire” but I’m going slowly with the series, enjoying it :’)

I hope you feel encouraged to read it if you have not yet done so! since the films are one thing but 99.9% of the time, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban book online book pdf pdf download will be much better.

harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban ebook free download


-You can live without a soul, while you continue to work the brain and the heart. But you can not have self-awareness, or memory, or anything. There is no chance of recovery. One is limited to exist. As an empty shell.

– Do you think that the dead whom we loved leave us all? Don’t you think that we remember especially in the biggest trouble? Your father lives in you, Harry, and manifests itself more clearly when you need it.

-The consequences of our actions are always so complicated, so diverse, that predicting the future is really very difficult.

Do my favorite characters?

My favorite character was definitely professor Lupin, as good a magician and kind, gives you the feeling that you can trust him, I hope to learn a lot more about your character. Sirius despite not appear much throughout the novel I also liked, surprisingly, its history, and Hermione, as it is recurring is my favorite of the trio of magicians most famous (Harry Ron and Hermione).

The Author:

J K (Joanne Kathleen) Rowling

He was born in England in July 1965 at Yate General Hospital. Grew up in Chepstow, Gwent (Wales) and studied at Wyedean Comprehensive. He continued his studies at the University of Exeter, where he graduated with a degree in French and Classical Studies, studying for a year in Paris. After graduating he lived in London, where, among other jobs, he was a researcher at Amnesty International. Began work on the series of Harry Potter books during the delay of their train between Manchester and the station london King’s Cross and in the next five years would draw the argument of the different volumes and begin the writing of the first. Later, Jo moved to the north of Portugal working as a teacher of English. He was married in October of 1992 and their daughter Jessica was born in 1993. Separated from her husband, she returned with Jessica to the Uk and settled in Edinburgh, where he finished Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban book pdf pdf download.

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Fifty shades darker  book pdf read online and download for free

Fifty shades darker pdf pdf download – E. L. James

Second installment of the trilogy erotic fashion this summer, Fifty shades darker pdf epub pdf download. Begins immediately after the end of the first volume, and continues the love story between Anastasia Steel and Christian Grey. Go pastelada book…if you expect to find in this delivery more BDSM, and / or originality or freshness, you are given…This is a story of love (vanilla with capital letters) from the most conventional and tiresome. I don’t know if with the years I’m losing the romance or what, but I have empalagado very much both the story, such as characters, such as the thousand and one repetitions of words and expressions. And above, I don’t believe ANYTHING of ANYTHING.

I know fans of this series I’m going to be frying with this review, I assume. But as well as the first book hooked me, I entertained and got me fully into its story and into the world of BDSM (although above), this book is not about me has contributed anything.

Fifty shades darker book pdf read online

The novel begins with a Anastasia wrecked after leaving Christian to have realized that does not fit in your world nor will you be able to meet their needs. Christian looking for a submissive, a woman who submits to him in all areas of life, including the sexual. And Ana, despite being deeply in love with him, decides to leave. Both are sunken, have fatal, do nothing more than thinking about the other, thinner, not able to continue with their lives…and then you learn that throughout this ordeal lasts for 5 DAYS!!! By God!! 5 miserable days and that is a painful rift?? And it is assumed that after this “sit-in” Christian reacts and turns around like a sock? There is No one who will believe it.

After these 5 days (second chapter) both return to be together (oh, how much originality) and they start a normal relationship (without submission, no contracts, or rare things). Echoing the style of the book, a relationship vanilla. Well, I would say that it is vanilla with melted chocolate, whipped cream and caramel. The 2 is want you to adore and spend the typical coordination problems of a couple, to talk, to know yourself, respect the other…spiced up with the 50 shades of Grey (their past traumas) and some other current problem as an ex-submissive of Christian that is half “pallá” and the current head of Anastasia, which is a little out.

What I really liked about Fifty Shades Darker pdf epub pdf download? Well, not too much…mainly that we know something more of the character of Christian and his past, which is without doubt the most attractive of the series. But not a lot. In Fifty Shades Darker pdf epub free ebook we tell you that his mother was addicted to crack cocaine (already knew), it follows that their stepfather was a kind of pimp of the mother and that he mistreated her in various ways, including burning in the chest cigar (as we also knew) and some other stroke on the reality of the sexual tastes of Christian (who already deducíamos also). Has a couple of new things about her childhood and youth, that make us understand her apprehension to him touching and his character unstable. In my opinion, do not justify the amount of problems of identity that has our protagonist (yes, that what happened is terrible…but, as much as for that apprehension that they touch?). And on the other hand, where are the famous 50 shades?

I also recognize that the novel remains entertaining, although it does not have the addictive power that I think was the first. I at least I don’t have the need to read the third book and yes I had to read the second Fifty Shades Darker pdf free download free ebook.

What I don’t like it? Almost everything else. On the one hand, the characters I estragan, the two.

– Anastasia remains a niñata unbearable and immature. She spends Fifty Shades Darker read online free download free ebook wondering if Christian wants to or not (God, is taan clear that yes!!) and with so much doubt of faith, the only thing that does is to destabilize him and cause crashes. In addition, it seems to me, that he contrary, but that sometimes causes him to police station. He knows that his boss is a degenerate and that the’re going to be a problem and that Christian turns black and she insists on giving pitch!! In addition, the continuous intervention of their Goddess inside me were tiring. The girl goes from shy and demure, and in reality what that will is-the-fly. ¡¡Less hypocrisy!!

Fifty shades darker book pdf free download


– Christian I had had enough also. Vale, which will have its traumas, but his character overwhelming and protector is excessive. I found it very tiresome. And in addition, such a change of personality radical that you are experiencing in 5 days, what’s next? To be submissive and be a controlling person happens to be more soft that Winnie the Pooh. Not to have fallen in love with never have a normal relationship (even sexual) happens to be the boyfriend more geek in the world. ¿¿¿???

Lost all the freshness and originality of the first volume. Let’s face it, the first book hooked, not because I had explicit sex (there are thousands of books that are not erotic you have it) but to include a touch of sexual perversion, to introduce the topic of the domination, the bondage, the submission…and do so in a respectful manner, as a routine practice and in no way vulgar. This is actually the trick winner of Fifty Shades Darker read online free download download. Well, all this disappears in this novel. The characters make love, not fuck (they say so…to me, someone explain to me the practical difference). Everything is nice, how much you want, there are flowers and hearts everywhere. The red room of pain, the games and all the equipment, nothing (sorry, it’s a scene at the end and because Anastasia is committed).

Finally and not less important. If the language, the descriptions and the use of crutches in the first book it was obvious (but we forgive him for the set and novelty) in this novel is already sonrojante and never better said:

– Anastasia blushes and/or blushes in Fifty Shades Darker read online book pdf download 110 times.

– Called “Fifty” to his love or makes reference to its fifty shades on 86 occasions.

– Both protagonists put the eyes in white to 40 times and do mohínes 20.

I swear. The have told. And there are pages in which these resources appear 2 or 3 times.

In summary, then, that the intuition has ever failed me. For me the book plenty. I have not contributed anything. To read a love story sweet me lame Twilight is better written. The third, 50 shades freed, I am hesitating whether to read it or not. I have hopes of that actually tell me something about the past of Christian, or that there’s some sort of surprise..but for now I have other more interesting books waiting on my bookshelf and my kindle.

Very, very passable and I think I’m still good.

Why I decided to read it: After the positive surprise that was the first and how much it hooked me, I had to continue hearing the story of Christian and Ana.

The best thing: we Know more about the past of the protagonist and their motivations. Entertains. The only part that introduces the red room of pain.

The worst: everything else. The 110-times Ana blushes. The evolution whiney and unbelievable Christian. The decisions immature of Ana. There is no one who creates anything.

How would it read?: Or think about it.

Fifty shades darker pdf and epub download

Do you recommend it?: Nor crazy. Yes I recommend the first, “50 shades of Grey”. But this or think about it.

Fifty shades darker read online book pdf download, E. L. James

After a perfect end, and dramatic van and take out the second installment, and instead of going slowly in terms of the solution of the problem that caused the break… it turns out that everything happens in a few days and come back to start only with an extra dose of fussiness. But today I’m not going to talk about Fifty Shades Darker read online book pdf mobi itself because I think that there is not much to say. The synopsis is everywhere and there are hundreds of comments and forums about it. Today I want to talk about what has moved socially after Fifty Shades Darker book online book pdf mobi.

Despite the fact that I liked the most about the first book, this is acceptable. Entertaining and a real bestseller because it engages and makes almost all women can verse identified in part with the poor useless clueless that get her prince charming with the charm of his clumsiness.

Who has not pensado any time that someday someone would find her flaws charming?

He also said that with this trilogy, lots of women have awakened your darker side, have broken taboos and have also been seduced by games more intense. The problem is that many others have considered that it is a story that promotes the abuse. Let’s see: the practice of certain things has to be consensual and this is clear from the first book when she receives the contract.

Abuse is a very serious issue as to treat it lightly. BDSM, sadomasochism, submission, toys, and other paraphernalia are no more than sexual experimentation between consenting adults. At no time are intended to do real harm to the other person, that is why it is an issue of TRUST.

But it turns out that now the women who read these books or who use high heels (this is now if that seems high) are contributing to the violence of this type. It sounds ridiculous, right? So attentive, Rosario Ballester, coordinator of the Andalusian Institute of the Woman of Huelva, said: “Read a Gray is the first symptom of ill-treatment of women” and then added that to use shoes of the high heel was another symptom of the problem.

I find it very sad that a person who in theory is in direct contact with the abuse and their victims talk so lightly. Yes, Christian Grey whips out his submissive, but always with your consent, always with words of safety to not go. And a fundamental fact: the Grey was also submissive, because also hay women taking the dominant role in this kind of relationship. To see if we get used to a documents before you talk and release burradas as well.

Another case of a very bad interpretation occurred in Sweden. A woman of 28 years died, as they say, “to imitate one of the scenes that tells the story of Fifty Shades Darker book online book pdf mobi.” But we continue to read the news and we find this: “her boyfriend 31-year-old tied with nylon stockings, also with condoms, and then he hit 123 times with a pointer wood board”. In what part of Fifty Shades Darker book online pdf online sale such a scene? Who do you think? What is that you do not know the people that everything in excess is bad for you?

That’s why today I’m not going to give a review of Fifty Shades Darker book online pdf online. I’m going to give the un a simple workshop on the sexual topic of the book, for people to report a bit before you do dangerous things and then blame the un simple book.

In the first place, seeing that the women of Sweden died from asphyxiation, I’m going to talk of similar cases throughout history. Long before Fifty Shades. The choking erotic:

Fifty shades darker free ebook mobi download

  • In 1791 he died the composer Frantisek Kotzwara.
  • In 1839 and died the prince Louis Henri de Bourbon-Condé.
  • In 1936, the japanese Sada Abe killed her and her lover. The movie The empire of the senses, he tried to this case.
  • In 1968 Albert Dekker, american actor, was found dead, naked, handcuffed, blindfolded, gagged, with lipstick red for the body and a bow on the neck which caused his death by autoasfixia erotic.
  • In 1975, Vaughn Bodé died by the use of asphyxia as a meditation aid.
  • In 1994, Stephen Milligan, the conservative member of the british, he died by combining this practice with the autobondage.
  • Two years later, in 1996m the singer-songwriter, american Kevin Gilbert died by the also called hipoxifilia.
  • That same year Sharon Lopatka searched the internet for a a man who had the strength enough to asfixiarla to die during the sexual act. I got it from.
  • The following year, in 1997, the singer-songwriter, australian Michael Hutchence died and no one knew if it was autoasfixia or whether it was a suicide.
  • In 2004 the un’s neo-nazi of 29-year-old named Kristian Etchells.
  • In 2007, the un teenager suffered a heart attack due to hang himself alone. After his recovery he began to give talks on this practice to make sure that you knew the risks. Was days in a coma.
  • In 2009, actor David carradine to star it was found in a hotel with signs of asfixiofilia.

The book Fifty shades Darker book online pdf online was published in 2011. If this book is subsequent to all these cases, does that mean that going to be the cause of all that happen from now on? Why no one talks about films like Tokyo decadence, strange Days, Ken Park, the Young and seductive… or chapters of series like Queer as folk, six feet under earth, or even CSI or House?

What else may have led to the spokesman of the Andalusian Institute of the Woman of Huelva to say that? Do the spanking? Well, another interesting topic. We blame the united nations book to promote that behavior and not blame pornography normal and current in the that include whipping normally. Why? Why does she give permission? Why speak first? What is more natural if it is a sin to ask?

Let’s talk about this practice briefly. It is called Spanking, and consists in a discipline sexual consent between adults that is hitting the buttocks with the hand or a snap. Hay couples who enjoy that kind of contact just like any other can enjoy with games, costumes, or with simple strokes of a pen. That’s not to say that can give you the un-punch in the face because yes. Must know how to differentiate between the erotic, the paraphilias, and the games and the abuse.

In Fifty Shades Darker pdf online sold in the eyes, bind, submit and obeceden. Also go on helicopter and earn billions of dollars just with breathing. It’s called fiction. Do child things that can happen in real life? Yes. Do you encourage to be a millionaire? No. Then… what fosters abuse? If you tell me any scene that has something that not consented to inflict suffering to those involved, then we talk. The maturity is para saber that Dora the Explorer is a character of figures, that Superman in real life would be a joke down at the world by going with the underwear over the pants, and that Christian Grey and his red room of pain son just literary creations.

I would also like to add that despite its poor narrative quality has made many people interested in reading and, even more, has gotten some people to look for search terms in order to know their meaning. He told Me that he met with a few women that have been searched on the internet, terms such as Fisting, BDSM, etc, after reading Fifty Shades Darker pdf online or during your reading.

We may not be speaking of culture as we understand it today, but the knowledge never left, and who knows, like many, have opened a door that had closed due to fear or shame.

The un plus to sexual liberation, to forget the repression of the past and to enjoy the learning of steamy scenes of fictional characters.


The issue of the actors is a sum and rumors. Here you can read some of the latest news/rumors on who is presented for each role. For my part, Emma Stone you can paste as Anastasia, but where is Matt Bomer are removed Jessie Pavelka and Stephen Amell.

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Fifty shades freed book pdf read online or free download

Criticism of the Book Fifty Shades Freed pdf free download download by E. L. JAMES

I finished the Trilogy of Fifty shades, as I did in the critique of the second book, Fifty shades darker, I’m not going to tell you what’s going on the third book “Fifty shades freed pdf free download download”; because it would spoil the book to those of you who still have not read it.

That’s why I’m going to try to explain the feelings that made me feel this trilogy, what I liked of the three books.

We all know the advertising that you did it, what I mentioned when I wrote the review of the first book, which, to me, everything that was said is not nothing like what is the trilogy, but when I say nothing, is absolutely NOTHING!!.

Fifty shades freed book pdf read online

These books, at least they were for me, they are a story of love so great and so deep that it pierces the pages, that makes us live in the first person, and that gets under the skin. It is a story that shows us that love can make a person of worth, a person for the love is able to change and make up it imaginable for the other…

Grey has been a character that I will be etched to fire… if, that is possessive, jealous, dominant, but also is loving, and has so much love and so much sweetness that I fell in love with him… and let us not forget, is a fictional character, what I say when people are ripping the garments for their behavior. Surely nobody in real life would tolerate a man like this, but it is a book, a character of fiction, and when I read a story I like that the male character is as Grey, are those characters that manage to make me addicted to your book, you need to read each time and don’t stop until you finish.

Anne… what to say, started the first book being an innocent child, that is seen tucked in a totally unknown world, but at the same time feels attracted by this world, and is caught by Grey. At the end of the third book, Anna is a woman from head to toe, the only one that will plant face-to-Grey, which is handled by their whim… if she manages the relationship, not the dominant and possessive Grey.

The relationship between the two fascinated me, because I liked all the moments, the passion, the love, the arguments, is that every moment with them, they are intense and keep you glued to Fifty Shades Freed pdf free download download, and when you’re not reading the book you keep thinking about them, that is what makes this story; he does not forget it ever.

I have to make a special mention of something that took place over the three books… the e-mails between Ana and Grey, is that these emails deserve a separate book!!!. With them I laughed, I got emotional, I was upset… really they are amazing!, the issues, the content and signatures of those post are amazing!.

I don’t know what more I can tell you, I run out of words and I don’t want to be repetitive, and I don’t want to reveal anything, just tell them that I’ll never forget this trilogy, that goes beyond being a book erotic, it is much more profound, more intense, and that Ana and Grey have a place in my heart…

The denouement of the trilogy erotic the most read, with over 125 million copies sold around the world.

When the inexperienced student Anastasia Steele met the young, seductive and successful entrepreneur Christian Grey, born among them a sensual relationship that changed their lives forever. However, confused and pushed to the limit by the peculiar erotic practices of Christian, the young man struggles to get a greater commitment on the part of Grey. And Christian agrees to not to lose it.

Now, Ana and Christian have everything: love, passion, intimacy, well-being and a world of infinite possibilities ahead. But Ana knows that loving her Fifty Shades, as she calls him, is not an easy task, and being together poses a challenge that neither of the two could have foreseen. She must learn to share in the opulent lifestyle of Grey without sacrificing their identity. And he has to overcome his compulsive obsession for control while fighting the demons of his tormented past.

Fifty shades freed pdf and epub free download

But when it seems that the strength of their relationship can overcome any obstacle, fate, resentment and the destination is conjure up to make a reality of the worst fears of Ana.

The press has said…

“This trilogy weaves a lightweight style and cinematic, where you shake up the basic ingredients of life: blood, sweat, tears, and sex, lots of sex.”

The Avant-Garde

“An event viral who has run a forum a forum for creating a secret brotherhood of fans.”

The Country

“Eroticism becomes a best seller.”

The Newspaper of Catalunya

“Did you get bitten you also nail reading the torrid romance between the seductive billionaire Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele?”

Ten minutes


Recommendation of Librosyliteratura.it is written by Sergio Sancor

What makes us get up a book? Does your cover, the comments of people we recommend? Do you see the whole world with him while travelling in the metro? There are many reasons why we begin the book, that’s for sure. In my case, and tempted by the amount of people that saw “Fifty shades freed pdf epub book pdf” on my way to work, I decided to start it. The previous two titles of the trilogy achieved the unimaginable: a title, presumably commercial, I felt attracted by one of the characters. I do not consider myself particularly intellectual in my readings, I can almost say that I read everything. But it is that I’ve always thought that to speak of something that must be known.

Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele have gone a step further in their life in common, but as the reality, which is funny to say enough is enough, will have to face the rancour, the passion and the dark past that always comes back to empañarlo all, to wanting to smash it.

Once finishing Fifty Shades Freed pdf epub book pdf I started to look at other reviews on the internet. I do not never, I do not like anything that pollutes my judgment. But yes it is true that, given that when I started this trilogy, I had heard everything from that it was horrible until it was practically a classic, I wanted to see what opinions are moved by the world. And I found more of the same. “Fifty shades freed read online epub book pdf” always moves between opposite poles: or is your favorite or what you hate. Why this was happening? In my case, and without believing too special, I think that there has been neither the one nor the other. Has not seemed the worst book I have ever read in my life, among other things because, as I said in the previous review of “Fifty shades darker”, I think that E. L. James has managed to create one of those characters that you want to know more, and that is very difficult today. And at the same time, nor would consider it the best book I’ve ever read because, as always, ask me, I say, is not a classic, but it makes you spend a good time. Doesn’t the thought already that when I started to read it? I think that many of the criticisms that have been raised following the publication of the books are because the first of them, the sex scenes so explicit they were something that we had not seen in a long time at a level so international, but as the plot progresses, as the story of these two lovers continues, you’re going to find in a loop of sex in which you think this is already what I have read before. Can achacársele many things to the book, but what nobody can argue is that he has heard of him, has made a public that, in principle, was not interested for anything in the literature, to open its doors to a universe that seemed new and almost unattainable.

Fifty shades freed book pdf download

Is this the final that we all expected of the trilogy? E. L. James was clear. I think that has wrapped up so well in the mystery of the relationship of the characters, “Fifty shades freed read online pdf download free ebook” already anticipated in the title what is going to happen. It’s all going to come to light, it’s all going to end up being and in the end, as if a rebound effect is involved, the freedom is what will make that everything will go well. How is sex a weapon, liberating or otherwise it is another prison? I’m afraid that, if you want to discover, you can only do it reading.

Because, what if a book attracts us, if it is like the light for the moths, you have less merit than others? There are many reasons why we feel attracted for each other, so why can it not be so with the books?

REVIEW: Fifty SHADES FREED read online pdf download free ebook

Hello!! How about you? I here asándome a little bit, but I don’t comes bad after the bad weather that there are so today we beach! It is not that I love but for two days they can be here because there are to take advantage of.

Today I bring you the review of Fifty shades freed read online pdf download free ebook,which, as you know it is the last of the trilogy Fifty shades.I was sorry to finish a series that I liked so much but good always happens. Have if I take time from somewhere to be able to finish the Nora Roberts that before the marathon I want to have it settled office.

TITLE: Fifty SHADES FREED read online pdf download mobi

AUTHOR: E. L. James


No. PAGES: 656

NOTE: 10

When the inexperienced student Anastasia Steele met the young, seductive and successful entrepreneur Christian Grey, born among them a sensual relationship that changed their lives forever. However, confused and pushed to the limit by the peculiar erotic practices of Christian, the young man struggles to get a greater commitment on the part of Grey. And Christian agrees to not to lose it.

Now, Ana and Christian have everything: love, passion, intimacy, well-being and a world of infinite possibilities.But when it seems that the strength of their relationship can overcome any obstacle, fate, resentment and the destination is conjure up to make a reality of the worst fears of Ana.

MY SUMMARY: The book begins on the honeymoon of Anastasia and Christian that happened in several places in Europe, with all the luxury around you. In this moon of honey Ana brings us the memories of how was the wedding so that we can live it. But an unexpected event will dull a little bit the honeymoon of the newlyweds.

The couple is superenamorada and manages to create a balance between them with jueguecitos of by means that will appeal to one and to another.

But not everything can be happiness for them, because it seems to be that someone tries to infringe upon the life of Christian family. This strengthens the security of all and each one of the family, but this does not seem to be enough to keep them safe.

Many things happen in Fifty Shades Freed book online pdf download mobi that may jeopardize the relationship of the two protagonists by a circumstance or another, but it demonstrates that love can be with any obstacle.

MY OPINION: Fifty Shades Freed book online pdf online mobi is the one I liked most of all because I enjoyed it very much and also because it made me feel a thousand different things. I suffered with the protagonists and also, I was upset, the 50 shades of Grey I arrived at the heart conmoviéndome and I also left the end of Fifty Shades Freed book online pdf online with a smile on his face enormous.

Fifty shades freed free ebook mobi

It is a book that has it all: love, sex, action and a lot of feelings.

Anastasia and Christian will take steps very large in their relationship but many times is not enough, and things happen by the fault of third parties makes their love staggers.

There is something that I do not like about Fifty Shades Freed book online pdf online is that it goes from a scene to another quite quickly, and sometimes I stayed on plan, “What?” but it was re-read and was already located.

The romance of Elliot and Kate seems to me beautiful, though in truth as of being precipitated in many ways, but that also happens with Anastasia and Christian, so that is nothing new in this author.

Another thing that I really liked or that I saw a little unreal is that for Christian to realize that Ana really wanted, she risked his life, and he opened his eyes. I’m not saying not to be nice or if it was something I had to do and now but he realizes there that truly wants because hey…

Then at the end of Fifty Shades Freed book online pdf online if there are two things that made the author that I loved:

The first: told how it would be the life of the two when they spent a few years and the truth is very but very nice.

The second: he wrote when they met Anastasia and Christian but from the point of view of the. In this way we can know that he thought and felt upon seeing her.

Something I always like in novels is that they are narrated from the point of view of the two protagonists (as in Look at me, and shoots <3) and though here he did not do so completely, it was something that if I would like to do more authors.

In short, this is a trilogy that I recommend to all who love not only the erotic novel, but the romantic because these books are much more than “porn for moms” as they said. And I don’t get in arguments because but loose and I don’t but gives me a lot of grief acabarme the trilogy.

I have a question for the people that I have read: The end does not give you to think that you can have more?

Have you read the Fifty Shades Freed pdf online? What you made of it? Do you have any plans of reading them?

a greeting and have a nice day!!! 😀

PS: all the comments of previous entries in the answer now mismito!! ^^

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Fifty shades of grey pdf read online and download ebook


The world of publishing, that connects authors, publishers and readers, is subdued in a great measure, at present, the literature of gender, either the police, the historical, the fantastic, or the romantic, not to speak of the phenomena literary juvenile type Harry Potter or the Twilight saga, to which we may add the sagas Game of Thrones or The hunger games, which are breaking record sales the length and breadth of the planet.

Fifty shades of grey read book pdf online 

Well, it seems that now the shelves and the shelves of the bookstores have to make room for another literary genre, the erotic, it seems that can be converted into another machine to make money with paper writing. And the work that has opened the veda is none other than Fifty shades of Grey pdf epub free download pdf download mobi, E. L. James, the first installment of a trilogy that editorial Grijalbo has been on sale in Spain between the months of June and July of this same year. Three novels by the din media that its publication has generated and by the lists of best-selling books, it seems that it’s going to be one of the phenomena literary of the year, at least in Spain.

The argument could be described as a modern and urban tale of fairies, although in the case of this trilogy, the prince has been replaced by an attractive and shady millionaire american, and cinderella is embodied by a young newly entitled to that chance (not luck) will open the doors of adulthood and of sexual pleasure.

Fifty shades of Grey pdf epub free download pdf download mobi, it is narrated in the first person by Anastasia Steele, a student of English literature. As a favor to Kate, her best friend, roommate and editor of the journal of the faculty, access to interview Christian Grey, one of the richest men in the united States, a young handsome and successful who directs one of the holdings most powerful business in the country and is the main patron of the University.

The meeting between the two and the attraction resulting from the interview will make that Grey is captivated by the sensuality, freshness and the character of Anastasia, and start a sentimental relationship between them. The innocent world and later she starred in Anastasia will break when you discover that Christian hides a dark face and somber, some sexual inclinations, dominated by sadism and submission. Flock will attempt to introduce you to Anastasia in your sexual and affective, while she will try to find out the reason of the tastes, and the way of being Christian. A descent into hell in which sex is “hard”, the punishment and the lack of affection will be the protagonists.

Fifty shades of Grey pdf epub free download pdf download, as I said, could be considered an update, “sui generis” of a classic fairy tale. Something like a fable urban in the development of some of its seedier element. But don’t be afraid… The novel, and the trilogy, by extension, if you follow the path marked by the first delivery, is addressed to a wide audience. No other has been considered a novel for housewives, for those women who seek strong emotions make them get out of the monotony of the daily routine. And the novel gets, in addition to narrating some of the scenes they have shot, without a doubt, the libido of him or her to read it. I tell you…

  1. L. James, has been cooked, if you allow me to use this metaphor, a novel that includes some of the elements of fables and love-always: the prince wonderful and attractive that he fell in love with the young, helpful and innocent, and usually with few resources, which provides the opportunity to live a dream life. While James offers us a world that is more that tale, nightmare, in terms of affectivity and sexuality of their protagonists. The image of the attractive and fortunate prince, we resquebrajará very soon when we know, at the same time as Anastasia, the sexual tendencies of Grey, dominated by sadism, submission and violence (controlled, of course), and his inability to maintain a relationship “normal” with the girl that you want. All of this power with the innocence and sexual doubts of Anastasia, that has not kept even a loving relationship with any guy, what makes more extreme the difference between the two.

Fifty shades of grey pdf free download

The author, E. L. James.

The plot of the novel will focus, therefore, on the relationship they establish both, that will be narrated in the first person and in present tense, from the point of view of Anastasia. Their fears of being dragged into the world bleak and violent Flock, to these fifty shades to that referred to in the title, and his reaction to the desires and sexual needs of Christian. A fear that is opposed, however, to the passion and the attraction felt Anastasia by him. A crossroads sentimental and, since then, sexual to the that Anastasia will have to decide: the dark world and submissive of Grey or the daily routine of his life before meeting him.

The novel, as could not be otherwise because of its subject, is full not only of the reflections and doubts of Anastasia, but also of sex scenes “hard”, and domination, while described from the order and the composure that a best-seller requires. Not going to think that Fifty shades of Grey pdf epub free download free ebook is a novel that is pornographic, nor much less, but I can assure you that your heartbeat and your blood pressure will be altered with the reading of the book, thanks to the imaginative ability (or so I hope!!) and descriptive of James. Although, something to note is the brevity of most of the scenes “more risqué” of the novel, something that for me, personally, I was surprised.

Another of the interesting elements of the novel is the character of a perfectionist, obsessive, and driver that the author grants to Christian Grey, one of the elements, which, by the way, the more irritated and will annoy Anastasia, but at the same time will allow some of the dialogues and reflections the most interesting part of the novel, something that, yes, that does his best James, to the point that at some point can become somewhat repetitive as are the constant doubts that we all have in relationship to those problems that concern us daily. Something also worthy of note are the “characters internal” that help Anastasia to make their most difficult decisions. A success…

Fifty shades of Grey read online epub download free ebook is a novel of few characters, the two main Christian and Anastasia, and a few more of the side, and as I say, focuses heavily on the relationship that kept both, both live and remotely, through all the gossip “control” with that Grey gave to his girlfriend-submissive. They are interesting discussions that both maintain through e-mail, and we show how the new technologies also permeate the literature written in the paper.

But in the end, Fifty shades of Grey read online book online download free ebook is nothing more than a spur, a proposal daring and erotic (not pornographic, at least to my taste) to a broad audience (housewives and non-housewives) that allow us to stimulate both the heated, and why not, sexy nights of summers, in which the visual excitation and the imagination more calenturienta invade our senses, stimuli these are transmitted to our brain and force us to think, to imagine and why not, to do “things” that we are not used to do. And why not, to read Fifty shades of Grey read online book online download pdf online.

Fifty shades of grey free ebook pdf online

The readers have to say about the success of the erotic novel ‘ Fifty shades of Grey read online book online book pdf pdf online’

Has already sold more than 40 million copies, has broken taboos and a large part of the readers reveal that they have been encouraged to explore that world ‘bondage’, bondage and submission after reading it. ‘ Fifty shades of Grey read online book online book pdf pdf online’ has been razed and has become a social phenomenon. So much so, that not only libraries, but also the ‘sex shops’ applaud its author, the british Erika Leonard, better known as E. L. James. The readers (and any readers) of THE NEWSPAPER have varied opinions: for and against, some fun and other amazing. And is that Christian Grey wakes up passions…. for and against.


Between the readers, the opinions are polarised. Or have been trapped from the first few pages or, on the contrary, no explanation found so much of a stir. Some reviews are short and concise, others are so extensive as devastating. Here are some examples:

“It is one of the novels worst written I have ever read in my life. The characterization of the characters has no logical plot, and the story is very vague. I think that the success that is reaping is mainly due to that it portrays, very rough way, the fantasy of the majority of women in our society. I am not referring to sexual fantasies or erotic, which no doubt away from the common, but to the fantasy of an ideal man: a male elusive, seductive, appealing, and appealing, which perfectly handles the situation but that changes for love. The women, both middle-aged as teens, they identify with a protagonist, goofy, shy, insecure but whose charm (I still can’t understand what it is) manages to transform the man as distant and impenetrable. Without a doubt, something like this had to become a mass phenomenon but personally I think that it is trash literature. And if you are the erotic scenes that has made go crazy millions of females, I recommend reading real gems such as `Lolita'”. (Elisabet Juan Roca / Badalona)

“I have read the trilogy as a whole and the truth is that I liked a lot. What is the secret of your success? Talk without taboos of a sexual practice, unknown to most, the explosive mixture of wild sex and tenderness, and above all a happy ending. I don’t think that is porn for moms, it is just something that is not used to write nor to read.” ( Mª José González Trillo / Vic)

“At the minute one you get hooked, you can’t stop reading. Since I’m going for the second… I loved…” (María Cano / Sant Vicenç dels Horts)

“It is a bad novel. In the form it is predictable, boring and poorly structured. In the background is macho, calm, silly, is the I want to and I cannot of the mode of being snooty. I got bored as an oyster”. (Angela, Married Gutierrez / Barcelona)

Fifty shades of grey book pdf epub and mobi

“The first book is not worth anything, but it certainly is the best marketing I have ever seen”. (Mª Carmen Mendez / Terrassa)

“It is, simply, a comforter to mojigatas of the beginning of the XXI century”. (Ruth E. / Barcelona)


“In my opinion, this book seriously undermines marriages today”. (Alberto Lozano / Barcelona)

“I think that the novel is very repetitive in terms of dialogues and situations. With half the pages would have been enough. Or is it a novel of sex, or is a novel that wants to denounce the oppression masochist who suffer some women, but the protagonist does more silly how silly– will saving all of the rules he wants to impose a contract and it will be humanizing, until it gives way and then comes out the beast that carries hidden. As a reader, not as a man, I would give it a score of 6 out of 10″. (Carlos Gil / Barcelona)

‘ Fifty shades of Grey book online book pdf’ or the triumph of the mediocre. I started to read the first book and I had to drop out due to lack of interest. I don’t understand how you can elevate to `best-seller how a work of such low literary quality. To read something so mediocre would have to go back to Marcial Lafuente. What is intended to be a deepening in the unconscious of the human being is nothing more than a vulgar set of topics, poorly written and, as it could not be less, choose starring a few young people who do not awaken the slightest interest. The work illustrates for us in the mediocrity of today’s society, able to bring the trashy gossip tv also to the literature”. (Jordi Ruiz Peñas / Badalona)

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Me before you pdf read online or download free

Review Me before you pdf free download mobi Jojo Moyes (spoilers alert)

As promised, and on Monday night (well night xD) I finished this wonderful work of art.

I wanted to upload this yesterday, but I had to do a problem for class and I took more time than expected ( all the fucking afternoon, thanks to problems of random variables, I also want to 😉 )

And surely not today what I will end up with and I’ll do it another day, but nothing happens.

Peeeero never in a million years I would forget to comment on Me before you pdf free download mobi.

For a start, if you haven’t read it, I force myself to read it ALREADY!

As I told my story with Me before you pdf free download mobi and the truth, makes me a lot of excitement to be able to share my opinion so that much of vosotr@s os decide to read it.

Me before you book pdf online 

The truth, I was a bit like this before you start, because as I said, just thinking to return to see the wonderful Sam Claflin in the big screen… well, I came a little above the truth and between that and the good reviews I found about Me before you pdf pdf download pdf online, the truth is that you could say that I caught it with enough enthusiasm. Not in other countries as it will be, but here in Spain Me before you pdf pdf download pdf online is available in both version in normal size as in pocket-size, cheaper this last obviously.

I have to admit that although I love the original, I bought the pocket edition ( which cover more ugly by dior xD) because well, the economy is not to throw rockets and next week begins the fair of Me before you book pdf pdf download pdf online and didn’t want to spend a lot of money to be able to take advantage and go crazy later.

The truth, I don’t know the steps there are from the bus from my house, nor do I know if my job I will like with the passion with which Lou performs its work, but what if I know, that Me before you book pdf free ebook is one that becomes your favorite without even having read more than 10 pages.

Me before you book pdf free ebook begins recounting the idyllic life of Will prior to his accident and tells as it happens the same.

The truth, I find it quite ironic that he himself decide to leave the bike for if you have an accident and on that day we see this happening to him.

Me before you book pdf free ebook tells us about Lou as the typical “cateta” of people, who have no interest in too many things and that you have his simple life, without too many complications.

For a start, it seems to me that the family of Lou is pretty unfair with regard to the need to be Lou who bring the money home, but now I explain better this.

When Lou learns of his dismissal is a little paralyzed, because it had never been raised to do later. It’s like a shock, which forces him to open the eyes and decide that you want to do with your life. As recounted by the author, Lou is a character quite unhappy with his life. It is simple, if you can, but because you have done so. Has always lived under the shadow of its “little brain” of a sister.

All the considered bottom until it is forced to leave his education and work. In contrast, her sister, if that continues with their studies and reaching out to the university.

The father of Lou live simply, tells us that he also lives with his grandfather by the recent stroke he gave, and as it can not fend for if you only live with them.

If it was a mother taking care of her grandfather, a father with a very light hanging, and a sister, “capricious”, which is the only one that has been able to get to the university, the sister becomes pregnant of nosequién and the family has to take care of both her and the child.

 Let’s see, part of all of this, as the sister has the child, poor Lou gets to sleep in the attic, in a space that barely fits.

So, you have a girl with no aspirations, who has worked all his life in the same cafe ( which he loves, but because it has never known other things), has to bear a considerable part of the weight family, and that he deals constantly with your boyfriend, OBSESSED with the damn sport, and especially with the careers. I have a life as well and I hit a shot.

It is assumed that living in a small village in London where the only thing “interesting” is the castle, which attracts tourists. The coffee is close to that castle, but the owner, for personal reasons, close the coffee and has to dismiss.

When you realize that the have dismissed it as a hack for the whole family because a large part of the income has withered away. Lou is FORCED to join a labor exchange to find a job as soon as possible because everyone expects it of her.

But let’s see, for the love of God, poor girl!!! Just lost everything you liked and above all pressing to find something and do something with your life. That that had been a week locked up in her house dying, nothing has happened.

After several disastrous attempts, Lou finally found the ad need a caregiver that has given the mother of Will.

To talk of Will is to start to hyperventilate, because, of course, you know that has had an accident, but still don’t know in that situation is. In the ad only indicates a quadriplegic… but of course, there are many types that affect different things.

Lou is not convinced, but no, the selfish of your family, instead of thinking about it, just think of the money and the force, if force you to go to the interview.

The mother pulls out an old suit of yours to go more formal and is sent to the huge mansion for the interview with the lady of the house.

Me before you free ebook pdf download

I am realizing that I roll up more than the blinds, I have been two days writing and I have not finish hahaha

In the end, we continue to

I’m not going to continue with such attention to detail because then I will lack leeros Me before you book pdf download and that’s NOT!

Just summarize, that the interview was not at all perfect ( big fan of time skirt broken leg sexy outdoor hahahaha)

But in the end the mother decides to give him the job because he thinks that you can help your child, “encourage him”, which is not so depressed.

Lou was already in his house, says his family is not very secure if you accept the job, BUT LIKE NOOOOOOOO, your puñetera family intervening and making her feel stupid and useless to take the job. The work, in the beginning it is only for 6 months, so that all will say that for 6 months you can’t complain much.

To part, his sister speaks to him to eat the head and tell him you want to go back to school and that is going to leave his job ( shit, by the way) and you need that help more to their parents for her to be able to be fulfilled and study. Pussy, don’t get pregnant on your first powder, you save your account as you can and if you get a grant or help you study, but with this situation do not pretend to load your sister with all the responsibility, because the truth is, it is not fair.

Lou, as a good girl mansa, decides to capitulate with their feelings and the next day is presented in his new job.

To see, once the non-poor (for the fuck of his family), I will say that the part of Will, Lou and the caregiver does not have waste.

That is to say, it establishes a relationship between them bestial friendship that is precious.

The only negative criticism I have found about Me before you epub download, is because of its subject more “controversy”. Me before you epub download is about engaging the issue of euthanasia in a way that is not so hard.

The job turns out to be 6 months because it is the deadline that has since Will to your life. He said to his mother that he would endure 6 months more, but then I would like to go to a clinic in Switzerland in order to die in peace. Then we discovered that Lou was hired to try to change the opinion of this stubborn.

The truth, I understand that it is not an easy topic, but we should try to talk about euthanasia without so much fear. If I think it should be legal, because to me it is not a murder.

I think that it is of vital importance to let the patient decide, because often (as in this case), although not die, they feel as burden to others, so useless, so useless to this society that they can’t take it anymore and simply prefer not to be.

I find it very sad that a person who is suffering more than enjoying this life, you do not have the ability to decide that you want to do.

I do not pretend to be a talk endless about this topic, only I intend to “open” the eyes to many people who do not understand, because if you want to there are people that it poses.

Because the sad reality is that, that is until things do not happen to you or someone in your circle, and we don’t propose many things.

Following with Me before you epub read online, that this in favour of this process, it does not mean that my vein romantic not expected that she will make change your mind and be happy forever ( we all thought that it would be so xD), but the truth is, in the own Me before you epub read online give you arguments more than necessary to justify the decision of Will.

In the own sipnosis of Me before you epub read online, blemish to Me before you read online as a love story or something like that, but the truth is, it is not a story pastelosa for nothing hahahaha

If, we note that among them there is chemistry and that you want to. If, it is denoted in any chapter, but the scenes with more physical contact are when they kiss or when she climbs up to her chair.

OH! CARE, that I’m dying for both pink in color. The story between Lou and Will is taan tragic not… but at the same time so realistic that I strip the head.


Me before you read online this great book

When Lou learns at the hands of the mother and the sister of the plans Will, his only goal in life is to plan out all the possible activities so that Will be able to enjoy life and not just see the negative side of things, as it was until now.

To be able to suit your situation, looking at books and gets to go to the library to use the computers, and get involved in forums on patients equal to Will and to ask for advice, ideas, etc

The truth, the first plans did not come out very well, but as it grows your relationship of complicity and are making more friends/confidants, Will change the chip and go wanting to go out more from home.

When Will decides to go to the wedding of his ex-girlfriend with her ex-friend, is so amazing, that I think my face was similar to the expression of Lou when it asks if you have a dress to go hahahaha.

This wedding is motivates the approach almost end between them, when they realize that together they make a nice couple and that they want to their own way. She, drunk lost, it climbs into your chair to dance while he smells her neck which stalker scary, but still, those pages are indescribable.

Once past the wedding, many things happen, too many things, in such a short period of time.

But we come to the final journey, the final journey on the beach where it appears THAT KISS!

That kiss just as expected since we know, and how much it costs to get there. She pulls out all the feelings, you were naked inside.

And he says no.

And the reaction ( at least mine):

By god, on the one hand I cried for your situation, but you and Lou. AND POOR LOU :'(

She has finally discovered that he wants in his life, thanks to Will discovered that he likes things better, who want to study, who want to do something with his life, to travel, to be happy.

But she wanted all that with him. With him at your side or with him waiting at home. But when he says it is not as ale, fuck you.

The truth, the last chapters or the last leaves are read such that well, because we will, after a perlite other and all together and all make you cry and I wanted to die too jajajajajaj

Will asks you if you really love him, to accompany him to Switzerland, but let’s be honest… I would not want to say goodbye to my “boyfriend” knowing that he is going to die. It is hard and I understand that Lou choose not to do so in a first moment.

Oh, I also have to criticize a little of the family Will, if not I am not happy. Hatred unconditionally to the father. Fucking greedy shit. Just want to end your life to be able to be “free” and go with the beloved… and so on. In that moment I wanted to stamp the laptop.

Pussy your child is unhappy, want to die, can not do anything by itself, and you only want to go to be with your girlfriend of the little hand… come to :


Me before you mobi epub

I ended up reading it on the one and a half ( and yes, I get up at 6, live the no sleep on my part).

But I swear that I fell asleep as I cried. I had enough to cry alone so much since I read Sing me to sleep. A few sobs myself… -.-‘

Because if, as you must have perceived, Will in the end dies and she goes to visit him and say goodbye and it’s so cuqui there tumbaditos counting things, looking..

I don’t think I forgot anything, but if you do not already modify 🙂

Pd: in the end, Will gives you money so you can study quietly without stress, travel and live for him. The truth is that the epilogue is she in paris, reading a letter he left.

In conclusion: I LOVED Lou and Will, I love the relationship of friendship with your nurse, I love that the asshole of the ex-boyfriend disappears, I love the moments forum on the internet, I love each and every plan qualified or nonqualified created to please Will, I love the relationship of friendship that develops into something bigger, I love the determination of Will to not live for anything worthy in your point of view.

Will was an adventurer, an active person 100%. Drowning in that chair, choking at the thought of the pain, infections, and others that have to suffer daily, drowns at the thought of the tingles in members who can’t even use.

Seriously, a score of 10, may not have surprised you Me before you read online

And a bit of research TIRIRIRIRIR, there will be second part, and the top debuts this year:

It is not cool and I have already noted in my calendar. I hope that day with tremendous craves because I need to, of vital importance, to know more things.

I’m soo happy that there is second part that does not like to express it and this time if I will be reading from the beginning.

And if that weren’t enough, already have leaked the first photos of the protas recording the movie (love to infinity).

Although I should give the reason to many fans, and Will do what I imagined it exactly like this, but Sam, by god, he nailed the role whatever it is. Watch Love, Rosie was a pleasant surprise, thought it would not work but it is not so bad.

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